This information is current as of 5 September 2016 and was taken from the OTS sharepoint site.

Board Schedule

The application cut-off is the date you have to have your application turned in by, the board date is the date that the board actually meets and reviews applications, and the estimated release date is for the results. The estimated release date frequently changes, so don’t get your heart set on getting results on that date, it’s estimated for a reason.

Board # Application Cut-Off Board Date Estimated Release Date
17OT01 (non-rated) 19 Sep 16 24-28 Oct 16 5 Dec 16
17OT02 (rated) 15 Dec 16 23-24 Jan 17 3 Mar 17
17OT03 (non-rated) 20 Jan 17 27 Feb-3 Mar 17 7 Apr 17
17OTTDSP 6 Jun 17 10-14 Jul 17 14 Aug 17
17OT04 (rated) 16 Jun 17 24-28 Jul 17 31 Aug 17

Class Schedule

Rather than re-type all of the dates, click the picture to see the dates from the original MFR (Memorandum for Record).

2016 OTS Class Dates